To order, read this page first, then click on the order button at the bottom of this page which will take you to our Secured order form.

Be sure to include: The color, size (see sizing chart) item # of your choice, along with any embroidery or designs you wish to have.
If you don't include your full and complete Email, your order will not be able to be processed.


The shipping cost is -per order- no matter what quantity you order. You pay the same charge if you order 1 or 1000 MANties at one time.
USA -- $ 5.00
Canada / Mexico - $ 9.00
International -- $ 15.00

Due to the nature of the product they are -not- returnable.

The pictures you have seen are samples, You may mix and match colors of bows or roses and styles with your choice of colors etc.

We do not use a shopping cart system in order to help to keep the cost low and because of the thousands of combinations available.

We have 3 ways to pay:

1-- CREDIT CARD : To pay by credit card , Enter your credit card number and the expiration date in the boxes on the Secured Order Form.
Your credit card Statement will read CEMCO.

2-- Paypal: If using this option, We will send you a Paypal Request, in which you will follow their instructions for payment.
Paypal also accepts Electronic checks and credit cards for payment..

3-- Money Order - Payment by Money Orders are to be Made out and sent to:

Sharon Skiba
130 York St.
Auburn N.Y. 13021

All packages are tightly sealed and discreetly addressed.
Absolutely no one will know what is in it.
E-mails that we receive are purged from our system 10 days after your order is sent to you to further insure privacy.
You will never recieve any further e-mails from us after the completion of your order unless you write to us again.
We do not add or sell your emails to any mailing list.
All Personal information is kept personal,

Here is the pricing for MANties, and MANties w/Embroidery

Plain-$ 6.95
plain w/bows or roses-$ 8.95
plain w/lace around legs-$ 8.95
plain w/leg lace and bows or roses-$10.95
Full MANties 14.95

Embroidery is done by splitting into sections.
Brief style panty is in six sections
-- Right leg front - middle front - left leg front
-Right leg back -- middle back -- left leg back - ......
The Hicut Style is done in two sections
Front and the Back.

When you specify a leg make sure it is the leg that it actually is and -NOT- as you look at the manty as you hold it up looking at it......

Embroidery lettering is $4.00 per section

Designs that we have in stock, such as, flowers, rainbows,animal,sports etc. are $ 6.00 ea.

If we do not have what you are looking for , email us and we will help you. The cost of special Designs may run higher in cost depending on the design.

Our exclusive colors
These are the only colors we offer..
We no longer have the color black available...

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