Proud to wear my MANties

White only....Days of the week set...

All white.....Days of the Week are here.
They have the day embroidered on the front in different colors.
Sunday is Peach, Monday is Light Blue, Tuesday is Yellow, Wednesday is Pink, Thursday is Violet , Friday is Green, and Saturday is Red.
They available in Brief Style or Hicut Style.
The price on these newest additions is:

Plain - $68.50
Brief style - Item No: SBPdays
HiCut style - Item no SHPdays

Leg Lace - $88.60
Brief style - Item No: SBLdays
HiCut style - Item no SHLdays

Fancy - $ 135.50
Brief style - Item No: SBFdays
HiCut style - Item no SHFdays

Shipping is $5.00 USA - $9.00 Canada/Mexico - $14.00 International

bunny We are waiting for your order !

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